[yt-users] Stacked temperature profiles

Britton Smith brittonsmith at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 10:37:55 PST 2017

Hi Andreas,

I think all this can be done very cleanly using yt's halo analysis
toolkit.  I'd be happy to help you with this.

Documentation for the halo analysis, also called the HaloCatalog, is here:

The HaloCatalog works with the simulation snapshot and the halo finder
output in tandem to run a pipeline of analysis that you define.  yt comes
with a number of functions out of the box for doing profiling, etc,
including scaling of profiles to r_vir.

Before that, you will need to convert your halo finder output into a form
that yt can read in using yt.load.  This should be relatively
straightforward.  I've sketched out how to do this here:
The code snippet there assumes some of the variables you've got in the
script you posted.

There may be some hiccups still, but I'm happy to work with you to get it
going.  Once that works, you should be able to use the HaloCatalog as
documented to do the rest, but feel free to ask any other questions you
might have.


On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 5:16 AM, Thor Andreas Seiff Ellewsen <
tellewsen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> I'm currently working on making temperature and density profiles from some
> ramses simulations.
> I'd like to make these profiles the average radial profile of the halos in
> the simulation.
> I think the included rockstar in yt supports this in some form, but my
> halo catalog is made using AHF and then imported from an ascii file.
> To do this I need help with two things:
> The first one is how to scale the radius of each profile to the
> corresponding virial radius.
> The other is how to actually average all these profiles.
> Is this something that can be done?
> I will be trying to compare the resulting profile with the same for
> different simulations in the end, but I don't expect to have any big
> problems with that.
> The code I'm currently using for this can be found at
> http://paste.yt-project.org/show/7058/
> Best,
> Andreas Ellewsen
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