[yt-dev] light cone problems

Stephen Skory s at skory.us
Fri Jun 15 09:00:06 PDT 2012


I have been messing around with the example light cone generator
example for halos:


and I have come across a few issues. My guess is that the various
things the light cone uses (the halo profiler, FRB) have changed
underneath the light cone. I think I've got it working with some
changes, but at least one is not a good permanent solution, and I'd
like Britton eyes on this since I don't really understand all the
details of the LC and I'm not sure that these changes are good.

1. In the example above, the "add_redshift_label" keyword to
"project_light_cone()" doesn't appear to exist any more.

2. I've made these changes to the yt source to get things to work:


a. The changes to halo_mask.py are hacks. It appears that the halo
profiler now adds the overdensity factor to "RadiusMpc" and
"TotalMassMsun" (e.g. "RadiusMpc_200"). It seems to me that the
correct way to fix this is to pass the halo profiler kwargs down to
the _make_slice_halo_list() function where these lines appear so the
overdensity factor can be included in these strings. What do you

b. In light_cone.py I've changed the default of set_parameters to an
empty dict, which dict.update() accepts to perform no action, when
None makes it croak.

c. frb.field_data[] doesn't appear to work.


Stephen Skory
s at skory.us
510.621.3687 (google voice)

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