[yt-users] cutting plane not working or changed

Slavin, Jonathan jslavin at cfa.harvard.edu
Wed Mar 15 11:00:17 PDT 2017

​Hi Nathan,

I finally got around to testing your code on LodegIt that uses the
IsolatedGalaxy data.  I ran it as is except I added some plotting
statements (using matplotlib) at the end.  I again do get the problem of

​In [2]: run slice_prob_test.py
Parsing Hierarchy : 100%|██████████████████| 173/173 [00:00<00:00,
RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in divide
(nan g/cm**3, nan g/cm**3)

​Where the (nan g/cm**3... line is from the print(image.max()...
statement.  Also np.any(np.isnan(image)) returns True.  The image that is
produced is shown in the attached png file.

The RuntimeWarning is apparently associated with this statement:
​buff = pixelize_off_axis_cartesian(
self.data_source['y'],   self.data_source['z'],
self.data_source['pdy'], self.data_source['pdz'],
self.data_source._inv_mat, indices,
                               self.buff_size[0], self.buff_size[1],

​which is in the __getitem__ method of ​the ObliqueFixedResolutionBuffer
class.  That's about all I could tell you at this point.

The package versions I'm using are yt 3.3.5, python 2.7.12, matplotlib
2.0.0 (running on Linux CentOS 6.8 if that matters).


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> Hi Jonathan,
> I'm not able to reproduce the behavior you're seeing with a test dataset
> (e.g. see http://paste.yt-project.org/show/7080/, this uses a dataset from
> yt-project.org/data).
> Is there any chance you can share a dataset that triggers this?
> Alternatively, can you reproduce this using one of the test datasets on
> yt-project.org/data?
> The yt curldrop might be useful to share a dataset that triggers the issue
> you're seeing, see docs.hub.yt. If you're not comfortable sharing the
> dataset publicly, feel free to share it with me off-list.
> -Nathan

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