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Kacper Kowalik xarthisius.kk at gmail.com
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On 03/02/2017 01:19 PM, Marianne Corvellec wrote:
> Dear yt community,
> I am relatively new to this list and this is my first time posting.
> I'm still getting acquainted with the yt library.  At least now I'm
> enjoying a fully functional setup locally (something which had been on
> my to-do list).
> I've had an informal chat with Matt Turk about using yt in
> climatology.  He mentioned some folks were working on a NetCDF
> autoloader.  I would love to connect with these folks, and possibly
> help out.
> Thank you!
> Marianne
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Hi Marianne,
I played a bit with the idea of autoloading NetCDFs into yt. Once upon a
time we tried to create an interactive visualization of a climate
dataset that was handed to us. In the process we came up with a simple
script that could be used to read netcdf and feed yt with the data:


That's just a simple hack, rather than something "production" ready.
However, If you'd like to create a proper frontend for generic
climate/geo data I'd love to help.

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