[yt-users] Extracting a list of star particles, their positions and masses from enzo

Carla Bernhardt carla.j.bernhardt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 00:30:20 PDT 2017

Dear yt users,

I am trying to extract a list of star particles and their positions and
masses from enzo. This seems to be right along the lines of this tutorial
<http://yt-project.org/doc/analyzing/fields.html>, but I am still stuck. If
I try

print(ad["dark_matter", "particle_position"])
print(ad["stars", "particle_position"])
print(ad["black_holes", "particle_position"])

I get that none of these fields are available in my provided data. I am
using Stochastic Star Formation with a MBH inserted  (i.e.

Thanks in advance,
Carla Bernhardt
PhD Student
Universität Heidelberg
ZAH Institut für Theoretische Astrophysik
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