[yt-users] save master_clump object error

Juan Camilo Ibanez Mejia jibanezmejia at amnh.org
Sun Mar 9 18:22:00 PDT 2014

Hi there,

Sorry to come back to an old error already discussed, but I am not able to write the master_clump data object.
I have tried Britton's solution, including the ytcfg['yt', 'serialize'] = 'True', and added it to the configuration file as
Nathan suggested, and I have also pulled Matt's fixes for the save_data-load_data into the hierarchy.py file,
But the call pf.h.save_object(master_clump, 'My_clumps'), is still not working, there is nothing being saved
and when I try to load_object, nothing happens.

Matt in your last reply you said you where able to run the clump finding in the cookbook without any trouble,
you where able to save and load the Clump object in that test ?

Thank you for your help,


Juan Camilo Ibañez Mejia
Department of Astrophysics
American Museum of Natural History
jibanezmejia at amnh.org<mailto:jibanezmejia at amnh.org>

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