[yt-users] accessing colorbar directly

Luigi Iapichino luigi at uni-heidelberg.de
Wed Sep 25 08:22:55 PDT 2013

Dear all,

I am in the process of moving most of my visualisation scripts from 
PlotCollection to the PlotWindow interface. One feature that now I am not 
able to find is the capability of customising the tick values in the colorbar 
of a plot. Inspired by the example script found in 
http://yt-project.org/docs/2.5/cookbook/simple_plots.html#accessing-and-modifying-plots-directly ,

I was thinking about interacting with a matplotlib object directly, but I am 
not able to find a suitable one. Could you please suggest me a workaround for 
this issue?
Thanks in advance,




Luigi Iapichino
Universität Heidelberg, Zentrum für Astronomie
Institut für Theoretische Astrophysik
Philosophenweg 12, D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany
Tel: +49 6221 548983, Fax: +49 6221 544221
e-mail: luigi at uni-heidelberg.de
URL: http://www.ita.uni-heidelberg.de/~luigi/

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