[yt-users] Problems with Scipy

Nathan Goldbaum nathan12343 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 14:06:54 PST 2013

Hi Jose,

yt installs its own python installation that is completely separate from 
the other python installations on your system.  We did this to guard 
against issues that many people have run into over the years that crop 
up when setting up yt to work with a python installation that already 
exists on a system.

You should be able to get scipy working by doing the following at the 
command line:

pip install scipy

You'll have to do this inside the yt environment.  One downside to this 
way of setting up scipy is that you will have two separate installations 
of scipy on your hard drive.  You might also be able to get your current 
installation of scipy working with the version of python that yt 
installs by adjusting the PYTHONPATH environment variable, although I'm 
not sure if that will cause other issues.

It's possible that the scipy installation will fail since scipy has a 
large number of internal dependencies that some compiler/OS combinations 
have trouble with.  Let us know if you have trouble getting scipy 
working this way.



On 1/13/13 1:59 PM, jutreras at das.uchile.cl wrote:
> Hi, I'm a Master student a new user of yt
> I have some troubles to use scipy and yt together. When I'm usin the yt
> environment yt works fine but i can't import scipy, but when I'm out of
> the environment i can use it.
> I really have no idea what's happening so if you could help me would be great
> Best regards
> Jose
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