[yt-users] Line-of-sight density profile

Stephen Skory s at skory.us
Thu Jan 10 19:15:51 PST 2013

Hi Junhwan,

> I would like to estimate the gas density profile between two points in the
> simulation.
> Let say the tow points are (x0, y0, z0) and (x1, y1, z1), and make line
> between them.
> This line will intersect with the grid cell and I would like to make profile
> of the density as function of the distance from (x0, y0, z0).

This discussion thread may help you:


> I think that I can use the ray object and make profile from this, but there
> is very limited information how to do so.

We're sorry! We'll make a note of this, and if you have any
suggestions on how to improve them, let us know.

Good luck!

Stephen Skory
s at skory.us
510.621.3687 (google voice)

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