[yt-users] Installing yt on stampede

Munier Azzam Salem msalem at astro.columbia.edu
Sun Jan 13 12:26:56 PST 2013

Hi yt,

     I've just tried installing yt on the new TACC Stampede
system<https://www.xsede.org/web/guest/tacc-stampede>(just a basic
build of the stable release). Things were going quite
smoothly, until ...

*Installing BZLIB*
*Installing ZLIB*
*Installing PNG*
*Installing FreeType2*
*Installing HDF5*
*Installing SQLite3*
*Installing Python.  This may take a while, but don't worry.  YT loves you.*
*Setting YT_DIR=/home1/01686/msalem/yt-x86_64/src/yt-hg/*
*Installing distribute*
*Installing pip*
*Installing numpy-1.6.1 (arguments: 'numpy-1.6.1')*
*Installing matplotlib-1.1.0 (arguments: 'matplotlib-1.1.0')*
*Installing ZeroMQ*
*checking whether we are using Intel C++ compiler... no*
*checking whether we are using Sun Studio C++ compiler... no*
*checking whether we are using clang C++ compiler... no*
*checking whether we are using gcc >= 4 C++ compiler... yes*
*checking whether to enable debugging information... no*
*checking whether to enable code coverage... no*
*checking for pthread_create in -lpthread... yes*
*checking for sem_init in -lrt... yes*
*checking for uuid_generate in -luuid... no*
*configure: error: cannot link with -luuid, install uuid-dev.*
*Failure.  Check /home1/01686/msalem/yt-x86_64/yt_install.log.  The last 10
lines are above.*

Does anyone know what's going wrong here? Thanks!

Munier A. Salem // 845.489.6450
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