[yt-users] Profile/phase misalignment

david collins antpuncher at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 09:52:34 PST 2013

Hi, all--

We're trying to overplot a phase diagram and profile, and we're seeing
a strange mis-alignment of the data.  I've attached the plot, and the
arguments used to create it are as follows:

phase_therm_neg = \
        pc.add_phase_object(dd, ["Pressure", "Lambda_therm_neg",
"CellVolumeNorm"], weight=None, x_bins=xnbins, y_bins=ynbins, \
y_bounds=[ymin,ymax], cmap = "PuBuGn")
profile_therm_neg = pc.add_profile_object(dd, ["Pressure",
"Lambda_therm_neg"], weight='CellVolumeNorm', \

x_bounds=[xmin,xmax], x_bins=xnbins)

The fact that the line is below the peak of the color in the
P=[10,10^4] range could be real, since the peak of the color
distribution will trace the median, but the line is the average,
though the effect is more pronounced than I would expect.  But in
10^4-10^5, there simply aren't any points down there, which leads me
to believe I'm doing something funny.  Is there any obvious error in
this script to anyone else?  Or any funny statistical phenomenon that
I might be missing?


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