[yt-users] line profile available?

gso at physics.ucsd.edu gso at physics.ucsd.edu
Tue Nov 2 18:24:35 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,
  I was wondering if anyone has done plotting of a single field over a
line of sight from point0 (x0,y0,z0) to point1 (z1,y1,z1)?  (I guess
this is similar to a spectrum generator, but couldn't find info on it on
the doc page)

  The simplest way of doing this that I can think of with the existing
tools is to generate a "aligned cutting plane" slice that contains the
two points in the orthogonal plane, and use the colorbar as an indicator
of the values in the field.

  The 2nd method I thought of, is to make an YT object including all the
cells that is crossed by the line of sight from point0 to point1.  on
the x axis plot the distance sqrt(x^2+y^2+z^2), the y axis plot the
field value in that cell.  But the problem I have with this method is I
don't know how to construct such an object to begin with.

  I'll play around with the first method, but I think the second method is
what I really want, so any help or work-around would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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