[yt-svn] commit/yt: ngoldbaum: Merged in MatthewTurk/yt (pull request #1674)

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Thu Aug 6 09:43:55 PDT 2015

1 new commit in yt:

Changeset:   dec015906fc0
Branch:      yt
User:        ngoldbaum
Date:        2015-08-06 16:43:45+00:00
Summary:     Merged in MatthewTurk/yt (pull request #1674)

Use unsigned int for indexing in particle deposit
Affected #:  1 file

diff -r 6d186e7997e1c46619cfa74531cb3a493c4b9d21 -r dec015906fc0dd799c4b01a3b3f0c9f3c75e1b9a yt/geometry/particle_deposit.pyx
--- a/yt/geometry/particle_deposit.pyx
+++ b/yt/geometry/particle_deposit.pyx
@@ -351,7 +351,8 @@
                       np.int64_t domain_ind
-        cdef int i, j, k, ii
+        cdef int i, j, k
+        cdef np.uint64_t ii
         cdef int ind[3]
         cdef np.float64_t rpos[3]
         cdef np.float64_t rdds[3][2]

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