[yt-dev] Fwd: [yt_analysis/yt] New ART frontend and new Sunrise export, expanded Rockstar (pull request #150)

Sam Skillman samskillman at gmail.com
Fri May 4 13:34:40 PDT 2012

Nicely done -- see screenshot.

On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 11:02 AM, Christopher Moody <cemoody at ucsc.edu> wrote:

> Sorry I didn't do this in a more piecemeal fashion - its an accumulation
> of changes over the last few months!
> Also, please forgive some of the more cryptic code in the ART frontend, I
> know it isn't ideal. It'll be gutted, cleaned and streamlined for the yt
> geometry refactor.
> chris
> On Thursday, May 3, 2012, Matthew Turk wrote:
>> Chris submitted a pretty sizable pull request -- congrats, Chris!  I
>> am going to review this, but I'd like to invite others to do so as
>> well.
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>> From: Christopher Moody <pullrequests-noreply at bitbucket.org>
>> Date: Thu, May 3, 2012 at 1:01 AM
>> Subject: [yt_analysis/yt] New ART frontend and new Sunrise export,
>> expanded Rockstar (pull request #150)
>> To: matthewturk at gmail.com
>> A new pull request has been opened by Christopher Moody.
>> juxtaposicion/yt has changes to be pulled into yt_analysis/yt.
>> https://bitbucket.org/yt_analysis/yt/pull-request/150/new-art-frontend-and-new-sunrise-export
>> Title: New ART frontend and new Sunrise export, expanded Rockstar
>> ART Frontend now uses Hilbert-patch coalescing a la the RAMSES
>> frontend. Particle support included.
>> Sunrise export is completely revamped, works with the new MPI Sunrise
>> and it's Hilbert-ordering convention.
>> Expanded some Rockstar options and expanded the HaloList class so that
>> we can plot 'HOP' circles for halos found via yt.
>> Changes to be pulled:
>> 096be56abb5c by Christopher Moo…: "added back Msun to data_structures"
>> 60d0eae312ac by Christopher Moo…: "reverted a lot of the last commit"
>> 33e1017fc58a by Christopher Moo…: "something is wrong with the ART
>> frontend units"
>> 1503e0ae9825 by Christopher Moo…: "hilbert frameworks works; wrong
>> ordering though"
>> db3a9b59d37c by Christopher Moo…: "merge"
>> 42485223eca7 by Christopher Moo…: "fixes in rockstar halo classes.
>> allowing ART frontend to be dm only"
>> 41bf558abeaf by Christopher Moo…: "merged"
>> 629ca6b1128f by Christopher Moo…: "implemented rockstar halo and halo
>> list classes"
>> 8512e594a837 by Christopher Moo…: "updated to tip"
>> 6cc606a417a7 by Christopher Moo…: "more rockstar options. fixed ART
>> particle masses"
>> fecd8f0251c2 by Christopher Moo…: "removing pdb trace"
>> 26ad4e98e6f7 by Christopher Moo…: "fixed particle positions to unitary
>> units"
>> 05d7dd36866a by Christopher Moo…: "fixes to ART particles"
>> eb9e749e7253 by Christopher Moo…: "added the ability to pass DM
>> particle mass directly"
>> c309f591b93f by Christopher Moo…: "added Rockstar halo class"
>> 91a9d9d9e7d4 by Christopher Moo…: " merged with tip"
>> a3bc652df01e by Christopher Moo…: "changed le to le-1"
>> f42fa77f5077 by Christopher Moo…: "changed LE for ART. works!"
>> 053ae2cf5a3a by Christopher Moo…: "fixed temp field. commented out child
>> mask."
>> 0834402f6cde by Christopher Moo…: "reorganized the hydro fields"
>> 549c408579ef by Christopher Moo…: " fixed a bug with particle arrays
>> being the wrong length. affected stars."
>> 4433494b6bba by Christopher Moo…: "implemented child masks. Broken!
>> causes a segfault"
>> 761a9e79cf93 by Matthew Turk: "Making regridding more strict and
>> closer to what we want for the actual
>> selectio…"
>> d03f9f1da6f3 by Matthew Turk: "Adding a progressbar and a better
>> parentage calculator to the ART frontend."
>> 12223d9fef86 by Christopher Moo…: "particle field definitions"
>> 69fee55a453e by Christopher Moo…: "added a few more options to patch
>> splitting"
>> a97c1ad2ec24 by Christopher Moo…: "fixed so that all fields are fully
>> loaded in on preload. previously, only up to …"
>> 210c6d907441 by Christopher Moo…: "particle fields can be accessed"
>> 895621adae33 by Christopher Moo…: "added time conversion to
>> data_structure"
>> 858542457124 by Christopher Moo…: "particle fields still not working."
>> 9ee69e4f02cd by Christopher Moo…: "added standard le, active dim
>> attributes to art grids"
>> b33d607ce6ec by Christopher Moo…: "particles read in and indices
>> gridded. fields not setup yet."
>> e3a1f76ae1c5 by Christopher Moo…: "forced 32 bit numpy arrays for
>> IO-cython compatibility"
>> 0fcc360c4d58 by Christopher Moo…: "first pass at particle inclusion.
>> change recursiv splitting to start from the mi…"
>> d202aaa72971 by Christopher Moo…: "including particle headers"
>> 26eb767bac7f by Christopher Moo…: "bug fixes to io. added new
>> parameters and units to data structures."
>> 98534589dd52 by Christopher Moo…: "new io is less memory intensive.
>> seems to work too."
>> a1e85e8f0816 by Christopher Moo…: " reduced memory"
>> dd43dbad7df5 by Christopher Moo…: " working version of art reader.
>> faster than the first pass, uses matt's hilbert …"
>> 4c7fcdbca996 by Christopher Moo…: "bug fixes in the info messages"
>> b1cb776fed6f by Christopher Moo…: "adding log info. starting on memory
>> optimization; loading left edges by level."
>> d4d82426e66c by Christopher Moo…: "fixed a bug in the hilbert grad
>> patching a bit. added lots of comments."
>> ca8b7105e354 by Christopher Moo…: "implemented matt's hilbert-ordered
>> patch-splitting"
>> 8ae85483aad1 by Christopher Moo…: "fixing root grid size. projection
>> of Ones field works."
>> 41c966d5bcdc by Christopher Moo…: "record arrays overflow silently.
>> changed the numgrid calculation to 64bit."
>> 45c690fab939 by Christopher Moo…: "special exception for the root grid"
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