[yt-dev] yt users survey, Spring 2012

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Thu May 10 12:28:55 PDT 2012

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out  

yt users survey, Spring 2012

It's that time of year again! We'd like some feedback on your use and your  
opinions about the present and future of yt. It's really short, and no  
questions are mandatory, so feel free to fill in as many or as few as you'd  

Do you find that yt is:

Easy to use
Difficult to use
Too hard to use

How often do you use yt?

All the time
Once in a while
I tried, and it broke, so I stopped

Have you used the yt GUI, Reason?

Yes, often
Yes, once or twice
Never heard of it

The thing I think yt needs, more than anything else is ...

More supported codes
Speed or parallelism improvements
More canned tasks for astrophysical analysis
Better/easier visualization not destined for publication
Better/easier visualization for publication
Improvements to the GUI
API documentation
Narrative documentation and tutorials
A more friendly development process or community
More reliability or error handling
Ability to conduct time series analysis

Anything to add about deficiencies in yt?

What should be changed about the documentation?

There's too much -- slim it down!
I want more narrative documentation
I want more example scripts
The organization should be improved
I'd like more screencasts

Have you watched the yt workshop videos?

I was not there and did not watch any videos
I was not there and did watch one or more videos
I was there and did not watch any videos
I was there and did watch one or more videos

Which of these pieces of functionality have you used:

yt pastebin (the yt pastebin)
Clump finder
Halo finder
Volume renderer
IRC for yt help
Time series analysis

Volume rendering in yt is ...

Hard to get right
Easy to set up

Have you found anything in yt to be particularly annoying?

How do you find the yt community to be?

Have you ever contributed code to yt? If so, what was good or bad about  
that experience?

If there's one message about yt you want to send, what is it? If you want  
to be contacted about anything you've written, put your contact info here.

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