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I didn't get it, but, as with Jeff, I'm opposed to Elsevier's business
practices, and refuse to publish in their journals or serve as a referee to
their journals, since they cost libraries more than an order of magnitude
more per article than the journals published by APS and other similar
non-profits.  I'll stay off the soapbox, but direct you to the NY times



On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 12:37 PM, j s oishi <jsoishi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi John
> Thanks for sending this. I hadn't gotten this one. It looks interesting,
> though I would note that personally, I am opposed to Elsevier. I think it
> is not an appropriate place to publish on open source science. I'd be happy
> to go into more details off line, but I don't want to clog yt-dev with
> unsolicited opinions.
> j
> On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 9:32 AM, John ZuHone <jzuhone at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Any of you get notice on this? I usually ignore announcements about new
>> journals, but this one could be interesting.
>> Begin forwarded message:
>> *From: *"Elsevier Physics" <elsevierphysics_ at elsevier.dmsx.net>
>> *Subject: **New Journal: Astronomy and Computing*
>> *Date: *June 19, 2012 4:02:37 AM EDT
>> *To: *zuhone at flash.uchicago.edu
>> *Reply-To: *"Elsevier Physics" <
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>>  [image: Astronomy and Computing]<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IG034POM03T6BN00OGBD8K>
>>   [image: Astronomy and Computing]<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IH034POM03T6BN01FEUNAK> [image:
>> Open access solutions available for this journal]<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2II034POM03T6BN006H8NB4>
>> <http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IG034POM03T6BN00OGBD8K>
>> <http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IJ034POM03T6BN00T9L8NQ>
>> [image: Online Submission]<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IK034POM03T6BN01KAQS0L>
>> <http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IL034POM03T6BN00BB2FRC>
>>  <http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IL034POM03T6BN00BB2FRC>
>> <http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IL034POM03T6BN00BB2FRC><http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IM034POM03T6BN00251BS0>
>>  <http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IM034POM03T6BN00251BS0>
>> Dear Dr. J A Zuhone,
>> We are delighted to introduce the launch of the new journal, *Astronomy
>> and Computing* (ASCOM)<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IG034POM03T6BN00OGBD8K>,
>> a new journal linking the growing area of astronomy with computer sciences
>> and information technology. To find out about the goals of the journal and
>> to be one of the first to submit a paper, click on the links below:
>>    - Note from the Editor
>>    - Rationale and vision
>>    - The Editorial Team
>>    - Submit your paper online
>>    - Register your interest
>>    - Subscribe to the journal
>> ------------------------------
>> An introduction from the Editor
>> "I am very excited about this new journal. Astronomy is increasingly
>> dependant on computational techniques and technologies. The journal will
>> provide the astronomical computing community with a forum to share
>> knowledge through peer-reviewed papers, and act as a focus point for the
>> increasingly large number of people in that community who apply computation
>> within astronomy rather than undertaking pure astronomical research per se.
>> It will also help foster the interaction between the astronomical and
>> computer science communities, to the benefit of both, as astronomical
>> datasets increase in size and complexity."
>> Robert Mann, Editor *Astronomy and Computing*
>> ------------------------------
>> Rationale and vision
>> *Astronomy and Computing*<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IG034POM03T6BN00OGBD8K>
>>  will focus on the broad area between astronomy, computer science and
>> information technology. The journal aims to publish the work of scientists
>> and (software) engineers in all aspects of astronomical computing,
>> including the collection, analysis, reduction, visualisation, preservation
>> and dissemination of data, and the development of astronomical software and
>> simulations. The journal will cover applications for academic computer
>> science techniques to astronomy, as well as novel applications of
>> information technologies within astronomy.
>> The journal will be open to a broad range of contributions about the use
>> of computing used in astronomy. It will accept regular scientific articles
>> and review articles, but will also consider manuscripts on new software and
>> data releases of astronomcal surveys, and "reports on practice" which
>> describe the outcomes (positive and negative) of the practical application
>> of informatics techniques within astronomy research and operations. In
>> general, manuscripts should make a valuable contribution to the field and
>> should display an appropriate familiarity with previous work in the area
>> and alternative approaches to the same problem. Providing a sustainable
>> link to data or source code is strongly encouraged. All manuscripts will be
>> subject to peer-review.
>> To read the full aims and scope for the journal visit the homepage<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IG034POM03T6BN00OGBD8K>
>> .
>> ------------------------------
>> The Editorial Team
>> The journal will be lead by a team of high-profile Editors and a
>> Scientific Advisory Board, together covering the full scientific spectrum
>> of the journal.
>> *Editors*
>>    - Alberto Accomazzi (Harvard/Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, USA)
>>    - Tamas Budavari (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
>>    - Christopher Fluke (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)
>>    - Norman Gray (University of Glasgow, UK)
>>    - Robert Mann (University of Edinburgh, UK)
>>    - William O'Mullane (European Space Astronomy Centre, Spain)
>>    - Andreas Wicenec (University of Western Australia, Australia)
>>    - Michael Wise (ASTRON, The Netherlands)
>> *Scientific Advisory Board*
>>    - Kirk Borne (George Mason University, USA)
>>    - Andrew Connelly (University of Washington, USA)
>>    - André Csillaghy (University of Applied Sciences Northwestern
>>    Switzerland (FHNW) Switzerland)
>>    - Daniel Durand (Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics of the National
>>    Research Council, Canada)
>>    - Carlos Gabriel (European Space Astronomy Centre, Spain)
>>    - Bob Hanish (Space Telescope Science Institute, USA)
>>    - Andrew Lawrence (University of Edinburgh, UK)
>>    - Masatoshi Ohishi (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Japan)
>>    - Fabio Pasian (INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste)
>>    - Arnold Rots (Harvard/Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, USA)
>>    - Peter Quinn (University of Western Australia)
>>    - Ray Plante (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
>> More information on the Editors can be found here<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IN034POM03T6BN01P0N0R5>
>> .
>> ------------------------------
>> Submit your paper online<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IK034POM03T6BN01KAQS0L>
>> Visit the online submission page<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IK034POM03T6BN01KAQS0L>
>>  to submit your paper to the journal and track the process of your
>> manuscript.
>> ------------------------------
>> Register your interest in the new journal
>> Stay up to date with the latest journal news by registering your interest<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IJ034POM03T6BN00T9L8NQ>
>> .
>> ------------------------------
>> Subscribe to the journal
>> *ISSN: 2213-1337*
>> *4 issues per year*
>> Subscription prices will be available soon, to stay up to date with the
>> latest journal developments register your interest<http://elsevier.dmsx.net/c/r?EMID=09A01CR5DO2IG034POM03T6BN00OGBD8K>
>> .
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