[yt-dev] Downgrading Grid Resolution in yt

Matthew Turk matthewturk at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 09:05:16 PDT 2012

On Jun 1, 2012 12:01 PM, "Cameron Hummels" <chummels at astro.columbia.edu>
> Hi Matt,
>> This might be a dumb question, but have you looked at examining the
>> grid cells that your level 10 grid covers at level 9?
> I do not know how to use yt to look at the contents of a grid cell on a
different level than its highest level of refinement.  Looking over the
documentation, it does not appear that this functionality is included.  I
suppose I could get into the sourcecode of covering_grid, but I thought I'd
ask here first.

pf.h.grids has an array of grids. This is definitely in the docs. You can
get their LeftEdge and RightEdge, and they also have the
get_global_startindex function which gives it to you in level-relative

>> I also believe that if you ask for a covering grid at level 9, and it
>> covers grids at level 10, it will not use the level 10 grids when
>> calculating the constituent values.  There's this trick we do to
>> figure out if the child masking should be taken into account with
>> covering grids, and the criteria is: is this the final level we want
>> to sample to?
> That sounds great.  So all I want to do is simply ignore child masking
data from levels on the highest level of refinement.  But again, is there
any function which does this publicly, or is it all buried in covering_grid?

What I am getting at is that you could just use covering grid and specify a
lower level than the highest.

> Cameron
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