[yt-dev] pull request for plot and images

Geoffrey So gsiisg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 21:55:12 PDT 2012

Again I apologize for being stupid, but here's what I sent earlier to the
"no-reply" address about 2 days ago:


The script will do a 3D scatter plot of the "Ones" field included by the
ellipsoid, and do a x,y projection for ease of inspection.  I don't think
aspect ratio is working quite right, but not sure how to fix it.  The
aspect thing seems to work better in interactive mode.  Give it a try and
see if it's a big concern.  At least when I set A=B=C the ellipsoid looks
like a sphere, in 3D and projection.

How would I send in the png images that the file should produce?  The paste
only allows text, let me know where to send the images, or I can reply to
this email with the images attached.

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