[Yt-dev] Enzo parameter file reading change

Matthew Turk matthewturk at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 11:08:49 PDT 2011

Hi all,

As discussed over on yt-users, people have requested that the
parameter file reading be changed for Enzo, to scrape the entire
parameter file.

I've committed a change and pushed to *my* fork of yt on BitBucket.
The change is shorter than this email.


Please pull this revision and see if it works for your parameter
files.  It works for mine.  If it works globally, I will push to the
main repo.  A test script is here:
http://paste.enzotools.org/show/1751/ which will print out the
conversion factors between the two.  There are other items to check as
well.  This is potentially a HUGE change that might have errors, so I
ask for your testing on it!  If I get several testings, I will push,
otherwise I will back it out.

There are three things I wanted to bring up:

1) Enzo 3.0 will feature a much better configuration system, making
most of this irrelevant.
2) I would like to move away from using the CurrentTimeIdentifer as a
unique ID to using MetaDataDatasetUUID as that identifier.  This will
break existing pickles.  I think the natural time to do this is at
yt-3.0.  [+-][01]?
3) With yt-3.0, I would like to remove the dict-like access to the
parameter file we currently have, which currently queries *FOUR*
dictionaries in order:


I'd like to split this into at least parameters and units.  [+-][01]?


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