[Yt-dev] Call for testing: Freetype module build system

John Wise jwise at astro.princeton.edu
Tue Dec 14 10:49:51 PST 2010

Hi Matt,

This is great.  It installed with one problem (not related to the freetype additions) on OSX 10.6 with yt installed from the install script.  I still had cython 0.12.1, and it gave me this error

yt% cython yt/utilities/amr_utils.pyx

Error converting Pyrex file to C:

cdef void read_art_vars(FILE *f,
                    int min_level, int max_level, int nhydro_vars,
                    int grid_level,long grid_id,long child_offset,
                    np.ndarray[np.int64_t, ndim=1] level_offsets,

/Users/jwise/codes/yt/yt/utilities/_amr_utils/fortran_reader.pyx:213:47: Expected ']'

Then I tried to install it on NASA's pleiades, where I have a custom install with Python 2.7.1, matplotlib 1.0, and numpy 1.5.1.  When I installed matplotlib, it didn't play nicely with the system's freetype2 install (in /usr/include/freetype2), so I installed my own copy in my home directory (~/local).  Can we have an option to point the setup script to look in a particular directory?


On 14 Dec 2010, at 11:26, Matthew Turk wrote:

> Hi all,
> I wrote up a very simple wrapper to do textual annotations directly
> using Freetype.  This allows, for instance, adding annotations to
> image buffers created by fixed resolution buffers, volume rendering,
> etc.  It should, eventually, also allow us to make a subset of plots
> with colorbars without using Matplotlib.
> Anyway, I've already added freetype to the yt build system.
> Additionally, matplotlib requires it.  So it *should* already exist on
> the system, although I've had to add some guesswork to get the yt
> build system (not the install script) to link against the freetype
> wrappers.
> I've bundled up the changes and attached them to this email.  It would
> be amazing if I could have a couple people try unbundling these
> changes, updating to hash 2f9479b4f1dd, re-cythonizing and attempting
> a build.  This process should look something like:
> hg unbundle freetype.hg
> hg up -C 2f9479b4f1dd
> cython yt/utilities/amr_utils.pyx
> python setup.py build_ext -i
> Testing this will help to make sure that we can push the new freetype
> module out into the wild, and use it more generally for annotating
> volume rendering, etc etc.  You can see the (documented!) function as
> "annotate_image" which should be in mods, and which accepts a bitmap
> (as, for instance, output by write_image) as input.
> Any reports of success/failure would be great.  Thanks!
> -Matt
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